Current & Ongoing Classes


Sunday's @ 9:30 AM - Book Study Group: ESquared by Pam Grout

Sunday's @ 7:00 PM - Book Study Group: A Course In Miracles 

Tuesday's @ 5:30 PM - Intermediate Yoga w/Kirk Kupensky

Wednesday's @ 6:30 PM - Meta Musings w/ Cay Tomerlin

Thursday's  @ 10:00 AM - Science of Mind w/Rev. Rose Houston


Metaphysical Musings

w/Cay Tomerlin

 Wednesday Evenings

Beginning September 6th, 2017. 

6:30 PM until 8:00 PM.



I will facilitate the Great Unity Minister: 

Eric Butterworth's "Practical Metaphysics" w/ the audio version provided online by Truth Unity.

The topics include:

Lecture 1 - Allness of God

Lecture 2 - Divinity of Man

Lecture 3 - Thinking

Lecture 4 - The Spoken Word

Lecture 5 - Faith

Lecture 6 - Love

Lecture 7 - Prayer

Lecture 8 – Demonstration


Although there are 8 lectures the study group will most likely go through December.  Handouts will be provided with summaries of each lecture but it is recommended that if you have a laptop or tablet that you bring in order to read the transcript along with Rev. Butterworth.

If you have ever wanted to learn or have a deeper understanding of the practical side of Unity Metaphysics;  this is the place to be…I look forward to all who choose to participate.  Cay

Science of Mind &

Search for God Group

w/Rev. Rose Houston

This class will resume on Thursdays starting September 14 from 10 am – noon.  At the first meeting we will discuss having a Search for God group meet after the class. A Search for God group is based on the Edgar Cayce material and will give us the opportunity to study the information and then to practice a discipline throughout the week. The class ends with a meditation. 

I have been blessed with being a part of a Search for God group for 20 years when I lived in Pittsburgh.  The teachings grounded my spiritual life and lifted me to a higher understanding of Universal Law. It would be beneficial to meet each week as A Search for God group on Thursdays at 10 am to noon.  Your input will be most helpful in planning the way this will best work.