Development of Unity & New Thought Courses

IS-800:  Development of the Unity Movement

Examine the development of the Unity movement as an institution and an idea.  Review the spiritual evolution of Charles and Myrtle Filmore and their unique contributions and consciousness, the influence of Emma Curtis Hopkins and H. Emilie Cady, the development of focus and identity in the teachings, the emergence of Silent Unity and the field ministries, and the spiritual principles and mystical themes underlying the expansion of Unity's work.


Required Texts:

♦  The Story of Unity (James Dillet Freeman)

Books of Interest:

♦  Myrtle Fillmore: Mother of Unity (T. Whitherspoon)

♦  Torch-Bearer to Light the Way (Neal Vahle)

♦  The Unity Movement: Its Evolution and Spiritual Teachings (Neal Vhale)

♦  Charles Fillmore: Hearld of the New Age (Hugh D'Andrade, out of print, published 1974 by Harper and Row)


HI-604: Background of New Thought

Explore ideas and events that led to the emergence of Christian Science, the New Thought tradition and Unity.  Students will gain a greater understanding of both the similarities and differences among these traditions.

Required Texts:

♦  Spirits in Rebellion (Charles Braden)