Metaphysics Courses

MS-800:  Prosperity

You'll discover what it means to develop a giving consciousness, what the truth is about money, and how to replaces a consciousness of lack with a lasting consciousness of abundance and more.  Compare and contrast Charles Fillmore's Prosperity with Eric Butterworth's Spiritual Economics as you study substance, the activity of the mind, faith and visualization.  After exploring the ways you can use these ideas, you'll put them into practice in a "real life" prosperity project.  Sharing your prosperity project and its results with your classmates is encouraged, yet optional.

Required Texts:

♦  Prosperity (Charles Fillmore)

♦  Spiritual Economics (Eric Butterworth)

Books of Interest:

♦  The New Interpreter's Study Bible, New Revised Standard Version with the Apocrypha

♦  A journal to record your thoughts



MS-801:  Twelve Powers

Explore the 12 fundamental attributes of Divine Mind that form our spiritual nature and express themselves through our minds as divine ideas and faculties.  Based on Charles Fillmore's, The Twelve Powers of Man.

Required Texts:

♦  The Twelve Powers (Charles & Cora Fillmore, the Unity Classic Library Edition)

♦  PowerUP (Paul Hasselbeck)

Books of Interest:

♦  The Superpowers of the Mind (Cody Jones)



MS-802:  Lessons in Truth

Broaden your consciousness with a basic introduction to metaphysical study and the practical use of Truth principles in daily living.  Based on H. Emilie Cady's classing Lessons in Truth, first published in 1895, with the addition of newly formulated metaphysical insights.

Required Texts:

♦  Lessons in Truth (H. Emilie Cady)

♦  Books of Interest:

♦  Point of Power (Paul Hasselbeck)



MS-804:  Discover the Power Within You

Take a fresh look at the teachings of Jesus from a metaphysical and philosophical point of view.  See how the great idea of "Christ in you" - emphasized in Eric Butterworth's book - can lead to biblical and personal revelations.


Required Texts:

♦  Discover the Power Within You (Eric Butterworth)

♦  The New Interpreter's Study Bible, New Revised Standard Version with the Apocrypha

Books of Interest:

♦  Dynamics for Living (Charles Fillmore)

Strongly Recommended:

♦  A journal to record your thoughts, reflections, concerns and insights.  For personal and private use.

♦  Any inspirational music.



MS-815:  Myrtle and Charles on Healing and Wholeness - Part I

This course is based on the spiritual laws and universal principles that support the expression of health and wholeness in our bodies and affairs as Jesus presented them.  We will be working with Myrtle and Charles Fillmore's interpretation of how Jesus used and demonstrated those in his own life.  Such laws and principles will be presented to support participants in developing a practical understanding of Myrtle and Charles theology as heart centered metaphysicians.  It is our expectation that through the development of such practical understanding, participants will be inspired to also become heart centered metaphysicians.  They will create and develop a tool kit for practicing the principles in their daily lives.  Topics explored in this class:  Be Made Whole, The Christ Spirit, Jesus Christ, I Am the Way, and the Truth, and the Life, God Presence, God Said It Was So, Drawing on the Source, The Power of the Spoken Word, The True Character of Being, Holy Spirit Fulfills the Law, The Omnipresence of Prayer, Indispensable Assurance, Healing Through Praise and Thanksgiving, The Healing Power of Joy, Be Thou Made Whole, Realization Precedes Manifestation, Producing Results, and The Fullness of Time.


Required Texts:

♦  How To Let God Help You (Myrtle Fillmore, soft cover)

♦  Myrtle Fillmore's Healing Letters (compiled by Frances W. Foulks)

♦  Jesus Christ Heals (Charles Fillmore)

♦  Christian Healing (Charles FIllmore)


MS-816:  Myrtle and Charles on Healing and Wholeness- Part II

Information coming soon!