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Reiki I Class 

-by Reiki Master/Teacher, Rev. Nicole Niewoehner

This is a 5-week class beginning on Wednesday, July 29th at 7 p.m. at the Centre. All needed materials will be provided and attunements will be given.


$50.00 per person for members of the Centre

$100.00 per person for non-members.  

The technique of “laying on of the hands” or “touch healing” has origins that span the entire length of written records in human history. Reiki, one of these techniques, began in Japan in the early 1800’s with a man named Mikao Usui and was later introduced to the west through one of his students who lived in Hawaii.

Reiki is a Japanese word that translates as Rei – or universal/spiritual consciousness and Ki – or life force/energy. The living body radiates warmth and energy. Ki is a part of all of us – a type of electrical energy that creates the body and determines the state of our health.  A Reiki healer who has been attuned by a Master/Teacher has had their body’s energy channels opened and cleared of obstruction. This attunement increases not only their own Ki for the healing of self, but it also connects them to the source of Universal Ki, allowing them to share the energy with others without depleting themselves. Attunements are a magical gift – opening and aligning what is already inside of every person.

Reiki has three degrees. Reiki I attunements are primarily for self-healing, and the healing of someone who is physically present.

In this Reiki I Class you will learn:
The History of Reiki, What Reiki is and how it works, The Chakra Centers & Hand Positions, The “Light Switch” – symbol for beginning Reiki, and much more. There will be a practical, “hands-on” approach working with each other and the energy. All attendees will receive their attunements during the course of the class.


1226 Naylor Lloyd Road, Girard, Ohio

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