Minister's New Member Class





New Member Informational Session


Have you considered membership in Unity?



Once each quarter the minister conducts a new member information session.

It is your chance to find out “Everything You Always Wanted to Know about Unity but were Afraid to Ask”. Questions like: What are my rights and responsibilities as a member? Do I have to give up my current church affiliation? What do those five basic principles really mean? Does Unity have a mission vision and values? What are they? Who can answer my questions? Meet the Minister!

This informational session will be conducted by our minister, Reverend Ric Schumacher. So if you are considering membership in Unity or if you just want more information about the inspirational, educational and transformational work that Unity is, plan to attend this two-hour informational session and remember to bring your best questions for Ric.

P.S. The only commitment you will be asked to make is to pray about whether or not membership in Unity is right for you!

The Next Class is Sunday September 2nd at 12:30 pm.