August 2014 - Essays on the Eternal

Rev. Ric Schumacher


A New Trinity


The title of is article might be a bit off-putting for some individuals. If you are one of those people, stay with me. I am not trying to replace the trinity that the traditional church has known as "Father, Son and Holy Spirit". This trinity of God is what most people think of when they hear the word trinity. This trinity I accept fully.  When I hear the word trinity, I often think of the Unity interpretation of the trinity of God. Unity's trinity of God is Mind, Idea, and Expression. That presence and power that Jesus calls the Father, the Apostle Paul referred to as Mind. In his letter to the Philippians Paul wrote, "Let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus." Clearly Paul saw God as Divine Mind. "We must ask, what is born of mind?"

The answer is of course "ideas". Out of the Mind of God is born the Christ Idea, the idea of the perfect human creation that exists in the mind of God. It was this idea that Jesus incorporated into every cell and fiber of his being. In so doing Jesus was, in the words of the theologians, fully human and fully divine. The Holy Spirit of the traditional Trinity becomes the whole spirit of God expressing in the world.

This  interpretation of the Holy Spirit offers a special  approach to  life.  How easy it becomes to see the activity of the Holy Spirit in the world. Everywhere I look, I can see the activity of Spirit expressing in the world. I find that I, too, can access the Mind of God; and in these transcendent moments, as I become aware of the perfect ideas that exist in the mind that God is, then according to spiritual laws and individual consciousness I allow the whole spirit of God to express through me.

Unity also acknowledges another trinity; it is the trinity of humans. We are like God in that we, too, are tripartite. We often refer to this as the three–fold nature of humans. We see ourselves as Spirit, Soul and Body. The following is an over-simplification of this trinity of humans. We are spirit. This is the presence of God within us and the perfect idea of God about us. We have an eternal soul or a soul nature that is the seat of all that is good, all that is of God.  In addition, it is the repository of all of our thoughts, feelings and experiences. Lastly, we have a body. The body is the expression of the Spirit that we are expressing through our soul nature.

We  have  seen  the  trinity  of  God  in  its  traditional  expression  and  a  metaphysical interpretation of that trinity. We have seen in the trinity of humans a simplification of how we co-create with God. Now for the new trinity. The new trinity is the trinity of the church. The church,  to be relevant in the modern world, must be  three things.  The church must be inspirational:  it must touch people at a level that calls them to action.  The  church must be educational.  Religious education has been shrouded in mystery and myth for far too long.  If inspiration calls us to action then education teaches us to work in harmony with the spiritual law that underlies  the mystery and myth.  Lastly, the church must be transformational.  The inspiration and education must lead  to  a transformation, a change in the individual and the church must occur. This new trinity supports Paul’s mandate,  “ And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is thatgood, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.”

Come Home to Unity.
Come Home to Inspiration, Education, and Transformation