February 2013 - Essays on the Eternal

Rev. Richard A. Schumacher




   Often times modern lyricists and poets of the present and days gone by write or have written about love. Maybe that’s because love is a universal subject. It does not matter where one is from; geography is not relevant. It does not matter what one looks like or what language one speaks; love transcends race and culture because love is of God. Both poets and song writers implore us to love. Eighteenth century Scottish churchman  Horatius Bonar (1808-1889) did so in this way:

Beloved, let us love: love is of God;
In God alone hath love its true abode.
Beloved, let us love; for they who love,
They only, are His sons, born from above.
Beloved, let us love; for love is rest,
And he who loveth not abides unblest.
Beloved, let us love: for love is light,
And he who loveth not dwelleth in the night
Beloved, let us love; for only thus  
Shall we behold that God Who loveth us.

In just five sentences Bonar reveals multiple secrets of love. First, he reveals that love is of God and that one who loves lives in God. Therefore, we know that when we love we are in God and expressing one of God’s most beautiful attributes. Second, Bonar reminds individuals that those who love are transformed; they are changed from above. We know that through that transformation and according to spiritual law, we become more like the love that we express. 

Third, Bonar describes love as rest. In a busy eighteenth or twenty-first century world, rest becomes a badly-needed renewal. Love and loving others takes nothing away from us but instead renews and strengthens us for the demands of the day. Failure to love drains away any existing spiritual, emotional and physical strength we may have.  In failing to love, the individual denies himself or herself the blessing of renewal that love brings. 

Fourth, Bonar describes love as light. Living in a post-modern world individuals have many choices. Studies show that too many choices often lead to making no choice at all. What is needed is guidance or the spiritual light to see clearly the choice we are to make. Love as light is the awakening of the wisdom and judgment faculties of the mind, like the old cartoon character who is depicted as having a light bulb over his head; so love allows us to discover our next right step. Those who fail to love deny themselves this light and “dwelleth” in the darkness and night of indecision.  Bonar begins each  line of his poem with the words, “Beloved, let us love:” revealing by repetition the importance of loving. In the last line of the poem he assures the reader that it is only through loving that one can see and experience the very God who loves us.

Last of all, Bonar reminds the reader that they are loved through beginning each line with the word Beloved.  You are the Beloved of God and you have an unlimited ability to love those around you. By loving you are transformed, blessed, guided and you come to know that you are the beloved of God. Beloved, let us love.

Come Home to Unity. 

Come Home to A Community of Love.


January 2013 - Essays on the Eternal






One of the great challenges of our hi-tech world is remembering that some things are not dependent upon technology. Don't get me wrong. I am not anti-technology; in fact, I am more of a geek than a luddite. Technology can be a real blessing when an individual faces a healing need. Technology can support a full range of health care processes; but healing comes from within.

  All healing is an activity of consciousness. It takes place on the inside; and all permanent healing has its genesis here. The source of this healing is the perfect idea of man and woman in the Mind of God. In this Mind, only wholeness and perfection exist. Don’t miss this! What you call your mind is really a level of consciousness in the One Mind that God is.  Right now, you have within you the perfect pattern of wholeness. You are not now, never have been, and never will be separated from perfect health, because it is your true nature. Regardless of what is happening in your body,
you are now whole, well and free.  If there seems to be a disconnect or paradox here, then you’re on the right track.  The disconnect is connected and the paradox understood when the nature of mind is revealed.

  The nature of mind is pivotal.  You can only focus on one thing at a time. What individuals call multitasking is really the rapid shifting of focus from one thing to another and back again. Get this, the pivotal nature of mind and mind’s ability to focus on only one thing at a time is the cause of both healing and the condition that demands healing.  You have at every moment a choice to make. It is this: Focus on the truth of your being that is your wholeness, or accept the unreality of something less than that. If your healing has been elusive, it may be because you are dividing your
focus and energy between the truth and the unreality. Like the multitasking individual, your focus shifts from the unreality to the truth and back again, from disease and pain to wholeness and perfection and freedom, and back again.  There is a secret to breaking this pattern that binds you to difficulty.

  Dr. Sue Sikking once revealed the truth in its pristine splendor. She said, “There is nothing to heal, there is something to know.” Nothing to heal acknowledges that, as previously stated,  in the Mind of God only wholeness and perfection exist and that Mind is in you. Something to know continually recalls the truth that, right now, you have within you the perfect pattern of wholeness. You are not now, never have been, and never will be separated from perfect health. When you attain this understanding, then healing occurs in consciousness and according to spiritual law the wholeness of your consciousness is made manifest in your body and affairs. I am grateful for the technology that supports the individual in the midst of health care crisis and I give thanks for the Divine that is the perfect pattern of wholeness that is the true nature of every individual. I give thanks too, that you are whole, well and free right now.  
Come Home to Unity.   

Come Home to a Community of Individuals  
Who are Whole, Well and Free.