Poetry - DL Schumacher


David L. Schumacher (1943-1982)

Reverend David L. Schumacher, an ordained Unity minister served as the last editor of Progress Magazine published by Unity to meet the needs of teens and young adults during the turbulent 1960’s.The magazine was discontinued in 1969. His poem Ceaseless Waves was first published in 1966 in Weekly Unity (now out of print).





Down the stream of consciousness

Into the sea of life,

Peace like a river flowing,

Ending pain and strife.

Ceaseless waves of perfect thought

Break on the shore of the mind;

Ideas, like tide on a glass-smooth beach,

Draw to themselves their kind.

The cycle of the living water,

From Fountainhead to creation blessed,

Then flows again to the Father-Source

To be again expressed.