Poetry - EC Wilson


Ernest C. Wilson


Dr. Ernest C. Wilson came to Unity School when he was a young man and served Unity in various capacities. He served as editor in chief for Unity publication, and wrote many articles and poems to contribute to those magazines. As editor he was responsible for all of the books the Unity published many of which he wrote. During his life-long service to Unity he served several churches, including the Unity Temple on the Country Club Plaza in Kansas City, Missouri.




Oh, fill me with Thy presence, Lord,

That love may shine through me

To quicken that same presence, Lord,

In all whose eyes can see.


Oh, fill me with Thy presence, Lord,

That Wisdom may be mine

To share Thy light with all who need

To let their own light shine.


Oh, fill me with Thy presence, Lord,

To guide what power I wield,

That it may ever strengthen good,

And be from ill a shield.


"Oh, fill me with Thy presence, Lord--"

But need I longer wait?

Thy presence hath been given me,

To live and radiate!