Unity Spiritual Centre Girard, Ohio
Sexual Harassment NO-Tolerance Policy
Sexual Harassment Defined: Unwelcome or uninvited conduct or communication of a sexual nature is   prohibited; welcome or invited actions or words are not unlawful.

The law prohibits unwelcome "sexual" conduct and words or actions "of a sexual nature." 

Some conduct, such as hugging, may be sexual or nonsexual and must be evaluated in context. 

Sexual harassment may be physical, such as kissing, hugging, pinching, patting, grabbing, blocking the victim's path, leering or staring, or standing very close to the victim. 

It may also be verbal, which may be oral or written and could include requests.

Taken from the Article; Sexual Harassment legal definition of Sexual Harassment (thefreedictionary.com)

Unity Centre has a No Tolerance Policy of Sexual Harassment within the workplace and within the community between congregants as defined above.

If you believe there has been Sexual Harassment, based on the above definition, please complete the form that can be found on our website or on the back of this policy and submit it to the Spiritual Leader or the Board Liaison.  There will be a formal investigation of the incident(s) with you the harassed as well as the person allegedly harassing by the investigating team(the Spiritual Leader and the Board Liaison, unless different specified in #8 on the form and if one of them is involved*).   Documentation will be made, and any action that takes place will be communicated back to the initiator of this complain by the investigating team, as well as the person named as the harasser.  Each case will be reviewed as a standalone incident. 

*Note:  If the Spiritual Leader is named, please follow the policy at UWM Sexual Conduct Policy | Unity Worldwide Ministries, If the Board Liaison is named then the Spiritual Leader will select a member of the board to be on the team, recognizing any preference stated in Question 8 on the Form of Complaint.

In Summary:

When a complaint about alleged sexual harassment is received the following will take place:  

An investigation will follow by the investigating team made up of  The Current Board Liaison and the Spiritual Leader/Minister or the preference of the Harassed listed in question #8 above.

  • Speaking with the alleged Harassed with the investigating team.
  • Speaking with the alleged harasser by the investigating team.
  • Interviewing witnesses by the investigating team.
  • Collecting and reviewing any related documents

While the process may vary from case to case, all allegations will be investigated promptly and resolved as quickly as possible. The investigation will be kept confidential to the extent possible.

The findings will be documented and the corrective actions taken will be communicated to the initiator(s) of the complaint as well as the individual(s) against whom the complaint was made

If legal action is required it will be between the harassed and the harasser, outside of the Centre’s Jurisdiction.

It is our goal to provide a safe and loving environment and we hope everyone can honor each other with respect.

This Policy was adopted on March 21, 2021 by the Board of Directors.




Be Advised

Unity Centre has a Meet-N-Greet during Sunday Services, which allows hugging.  Each meet-n-greet we ask those who want a hug to hold out their arms, those who want a hand shake to hold out their hand, and those who would like neither can either hold out both hands palm out, indicating none participate through touch, or one could remain in their seat.  Every individual must set their own boundary.  If someone ignores you, please feel free to tell them that you would rather not hug and or touch.  If you are uncomfortable with communicating with the person, please feel free to inform the Board Liaison or the Spiritual Leader who will address the issue with the individual.