Youth & Family Ministry Mission:


"To educate all youth on ways to develop their own consciousness of their innate Oneness, to inspire them, and to love them so that they can thrive wherever they are." 


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We hope to plant seeds so that your child will always have the spiritual tools in any situation to let their inner light of peace and love shine.

Parents and children can arrive up to a half hour before services and expect to be greeted by the classroom facilitator and assistant. For Uni-Angels and Uni-Kids, (grades 1—5) we begin the morning with a short play session going out of doors, weather permitting, to our playground area. Our lessons, based on Unity materials such as Celebrating my God-self, or In the Forest of Finding Out: Metaphysical Principles for Children follow a set pattern every week.

We start with opening activities and review of the previous week’s lesson. Then we move to the Sacred Circle where every child has a role to play as the group participates in prayer and meditation. The lessons, based on Bible passages, offer a key point that the children are asked to think about throughout the week. We teach about God, Jesus, and the five Unity principles using games, songs, and arts and crafts. At the end of the hour, the children join the adults in the sanctuary for our closing hymn and prayer.

Currently, our Centre is building programs for Uni-Teens (grades 6—8) and Youth of Unity (grades 9—12). We have just up-dated the space for the younger children, and now are working on areas for the older ones.






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