Ministerial Transition

A Letter from Rev. Cay Tomerlin about her time at Unity Spiritual Centre Girard

I was asked by the Board in 2015 if I would be willing to be the Spiritual Leader of the Centre as our past minister had decided to retire.  I am a Licensed Unity Teacher and I had led the Centre for 8 months the year before when the minister was on sabbatical.  I agreed to do it as long as I was the Spiritual Leader only (as I was working full time).  I was in charge of everything within the sanctuary as well as education and the board was responsible for the staff and the facility.  The board and I focused on a mission centric ministry.  A Board Liaison is appointed yearly and the congregation turns to him/her with issues/concerns/problems/ suggestions/ideas which in turn then comes back to the board for resolution.               

Tithing to UWM, Unity School, Silent Unity and Truth Unity was re-established using 10% of all Operating income. One/fifth of the tithes are being held within the Centre to encourage members to attend Unity SEE or Unity Ministerial classes and other education with the staff.
It took the first year to get in the black financially, and the facility was brought up to date with all of the walls painted and repairs made.  We have worked together in the last 6 years updating the grounds outside, remodeling the men’s room to make it handicap accessible and changing it to a family Rest Room.  An office was turned into a nursery, and the staff office was updated with new furniture and new flooring.  Heating/AC units were installed throughout.  The roof and gutter guards were redone and paid for with a Roof campaign outside of normal contributions.  Plexiglass storms were built and put on the windows for heat/ac efficiency.  New carpeting was installed on the sanctuary platform.  All lighting was changed to LED to save costs and energy.  The alarm system was updated.  The vestibule has new lighting and furniture.  The parking lot has started to be upgraded and repaired.  New, lighter tables were donated.   A consciousness of Good Stewardship to the Facility has been established.  I would estimate that 75% of all of these upgrades were through donations and contributions.               

The board working with the county was able to piggy back onto a new sewer system going in the neighbor hood which allowed us to remove our old septic tank and tie into the sewers.  This was a huge cost savings as we were paying $300 a month for sample monitoring based on the county’s guidelines.               

Technology is the number one priority and there are now 3 televisions in the sanctuary for Power Point presentations. A sound/video booth was built.  The newsletter was changed to be electronically sent instead of paper and stamps and now is on a MailChimp format.   Mailchimp is used for surveys and membership renewals also.  Computers are upgraded on a yearly rotation. There is a TV monitor in Fellowship hall for online/in-person classes.  The Centre joined Unity Branding and the Web site includes the links to Silent Unity and the Daily Word.  The Centre uses Free Conference Call for online meetings.  The services are livestreamed thru Facebook as well as our website.  There is a link on the website for prayer requests which immediately are emailed to the ministerial staff.  Donations can be accepted online.  Ministry Tracker is used to maintain membership data as well as used to email.                

The music team is active in choosing new thought songs from the artists on Empower Music that tie into the Sunday Message.  It is lively and upbeat and the repertoire is growing monthly.               

Rev Rose Houston (Unity Minister) joined the team in Oct. 2016- Sept. 2018 parttime as the pastoral care minister.  She did the weekly prayers, visitations, scheduled highwatch and trained prayer chaplains.  She came back as pastoral care minister in February 2020 – December 2020. She substituted as fulltime minister in place of Cay from January through March 2021 returning to pastoral care in April and May of 2021. She became co-minister in June 2021 and co-runs the spiritual side of the Centre with me.  She maintains the prayers, speaks twice a month, runs classes, attends board meetings, masterminds with me once a week, and helps in the overall pastoral duties.               

The best part of the Centre is the staff and volunteers.  Those who commit their time and talents are many and are appreciated.  There is a yearly cleanup to the grounds and the surrounding neighborhood during the spring to celebrate Earth Day.  There is a Fall Leaf Day to get the grounds ready for the winter.  There are many small groups, which is the strength of the Centre, that include fellowship, work parties, education and outdoor fun.  Asking and receiving are part of the day-to-day operations.               

The Centre is a Consciousness of Prosperity, Love and Can Do!  It has been a privilege leading the spiritual side of our community and working alongside a mission centric team!

Rev. Cay Tomerlin
(I was ordained in 2020 by Rev. Rose Houston-Unity Minister)

We Affirm for Our Centre!

A time of transition is a time of new opportunities.  Many of us resist change and find it uncomfortable and frightening.  If we use our teachings and step into the universal flow of good we can use this time to embrace the possibilities that are waiting to unfold. 

A great biblical example is when Jesus told his disciples at the last supper that he was leaving in order for the Holy Spirit to come which would enable them to be able to grow spiritually due to his absence.  Although, releasing a minister or spiritual leader doesn’t have the same significance as Jesus leaving the disciples, a new Spiritual Leader will bring everyone a new opportunity to grow through new messages and new direction. 

Those without vision will perish. Prov 29:18.
 A New Vision is on the Horizon! Unity Spiritual Centre Girard members and congregants have always been supportive in the stewardship of the facility, grounds, and message.  The Financial support through the pandemic was exemplary and enabled the Centre to function in the black.  Volunteers step forward whenever there is a request.  Leaders move in position to run and facilitate classes and programs that serve the congregants as well as the community.  The Board takes an active role in maintaining all that is outside the role of the Minister/Spiritual Leader which allows time for that Leader to focus on the message, the music, the education, prayers and pastoral care.  A Team leads this Ministry through love and commitment. 

Rev. Rose has agreed to stay on through the transition after Rev. Cay leaves on December 26, 2022.  The board is currently addressing this with her and defining how this will work as she goes from Co-Minister with Cay to the only Minister.  The Centre has many speakers that can deliver inspiring messages and they will be called upon as we move forward.  Rev. Cay has agreed to speak once or twice a month when she is in town and will augment any needs.  Both Rev. Cay and Rev Rose are willing to release and let go when a new Minister/Spiritual Leader has been hired and will follow the direction to stay and help or leave as that new leader directs.

During this time, it is important that the Centre is continually supported through Your prayers, Your attendance, Your talents, and Your tithes so that the space is perfectly held for the new leader to fill.  It is with deep gratitude to all of you who currently and in the future support this important Truth Ministry. 

Affirm:  A New Vision is on the Horizon & the Perfect Leader is Bringing it Forth!