The Tuesday night Ongoing Metaphysics small group began in the summer of 2019 in order to offer topics of interest to like-minded metaphysical people. We are open to delving into new topics that can be offered virtually. Past topics include Sanskrit mantra study and chanting, Soul Collage ®, “Art, Physics & Resonant Fields” by Clare Puskarczyk, Ph.D., Edgar Cayce documentary movie viewing, reincarnation by Chris Bache, Ph.D., past life regression by Maria Lallo-Wagner from Center for Sound Therapy, "A Love That Transcends Death” by Carol Gottesmann, nature journaling, and near-death experiences.

We were planning on doing hands-on experiences including tai chi, yoga, Reiki, rife frequencies, diet, and others, but were curtailed when the Centre stopped physical small group activities. Ideas going forward include: “The Tapping Solution” DVD, “Rethinking Near-Death Experiences” DVD, “Emotional Freedom Technique” / Tapping / Dream Interpretation, Spiritual / Spirit / Meditation Techniques, ”Eye Movement Desensification & Response” (EMDR), Gurdjieff, Great Pyramid Topics, I Ching / Carl Jung / Synchronicity / Symbols, Déjà vu, Tarot / Runes, etc.

We are open to plan new topics at least a month in advance. Currently we split the time between studying Sanskrit mantras and participating in guided meditations.


Update - February 2021


Thank you to all of our OM Ongoing Metaphysics people! It looks like we’ll be doing virtual classes for some time into the future. I just wanted you to know that we can do other topics of your choice for any given week or month in addition to my regular Sanskrit mantra study and our current Becoming Supernatural guided meditations. We need about one month’s notice in advance to advertise and research any new topics. So, if you want to cover something in March different than what we’ve been doing, please let me know ASAP. Last summer we did a special class on Nature Journaling with Cindy Roode, which went well. We had advertised it and had a new person join virtually. So, please send me your suggestions for topics you would like to study and discuss in 2021. We had a brainstorming session in December 2019 but did not cover those topics due to the Covid-19 issues.

For February, we’ll continue Sanskrit mantra study, normally from 6:45-7:30PM Eastern Time. From 7:30-8:15PM Eastern Time we’ve been doing guided meditations from the Joe Dispenza Becoming Supernatural book, that our Heart Math group studies on Sunday mornings. Some of the guided meditations are longer than 45 minutes, and when that happens, I send a weekly email notifying the participants of the different start times. When I do hear from you who want other class topics, I’ll notify everyone of the date and subject matter through an email communication and upcoming OM Connect article.

So you may volunteer to lead/guide a Tuesday evening class or more. The time available is from 6:45-8:15PM Eastern Time. I am also able to help research and provide powerpoint presentations for topics to discuss and lead new topics. We have many individuals connected with our Centre that, collectively, provide expertise and experience with a number of spiritually related practices.

I am also willing to provide virtual I Ching readings to individuals if you’re interested. That could be at any time of your choosing. I use the traditional yarrow stalk method of divination, and the Richard Wilhelm translation, but there are others. The I Ching is an ancient method of oracle where you posit a question, and the yarrow stalk manipulations provide a hexagram of light-dark, male-female, yin-yang “lines” that symbolize 64 different patterns. Some lines will have a special connotation indicating a special reading. You would receive the symbols and explanation of the symbols where you can apply the answer to your question and your own situation. Carl Jung did a hexagram in the forward to this edition. It is in other ways similar to a tarot reading, where you get a certain result after posing a question. I would consider these reading personal and keep them private, but also consider the process as part of my OM Ongoing Metaphysics offerings.

Please email me your ideas for new OM topics. Feel free to join via, Meeting ID: info69845.You can also listen by phone dialing 1-978-990-5000, access code 245683. Roger Dale Juntunen, 330-883-0977 mobile, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. OM…


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