The Tuesday night Ongoing Metaphysics small group began in the summer of 2019 in order to offer topics of interest to like-minded metaphysical people. We are open to delving into new topics that can be offered virtually. Past topics include Sanskrit mantra study and chanting, Soul Collage ®, “Art, Physics & Resonant Fields” by Clare Puskarczyk, Ph.D., Edgar Cayce documentary movie viewing, reincarnation by Chris Bache, Ph.D., past life regression by Maria Lallo-Wagner from Center for Sound Therapy, "A Love That Transcends Death” by Carol Gottesmann, nature journaling, and near-death experiences.

We were planning on doing hands-on experiences including tai chi, yoga, Reiki, rife frequencies, diet, and others, but were curtailed when the Centre stopped physical small group activities. Ideas going forward include: “The Tapping Solution” DVD, “Rethinking Near-Death Experiences” DVD, “Emotional Freedom Technique” / Tapping / Dream Interpretation, Spiritual / Spirit / Meditation Techniques, ”Eye Movement Desensification & Response” (EMDR), Gurdjieff, Great Pyramid Topics, I Ching / Carl Jung / Synchronicity / Symbols, Déjà vu, Tarot / Runes, etc.

We are open to plan new topics at least a month in advance. Currently we split the time between studying Sanskrit mantras and participating in guided meditations.


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