Self Awareness Virtual Class

Wednesday's at 6:30-8:00 PM

Self-awareness is the foundation for transformation, and transformation is the cornerstone for overcoming our human condition.  Many believe that we overcome our human condition, or “get saved,” by confession. But that is a mistaken notion coming from evangelical religion. Metaphysical religion, in contrast to evangelical religion, has always held that overcoming—getting saved—is about transformation, not confession.  So if you want to be an overcomer, you begin with self-awareness, which leads to transformation.

There will be recordings and readings of the book and virtually you will be able to listen and read along.  We will stop and discuss after each segment.  There are 62 segments broken up in 8 main categories:

1. Introduction
2. Meditation
3. Tools
4. Prosperity (Cleansing)
5. Prosperity (Building)
6. Human Relationships
7. Health and Healing
8. Eternal Life

It is an eight-part workshop in Successful Living Through Self-Awareness by Frank and Martha Giudici. What is unique about their workshop is that Frank and Martha don’t just give information about self-awareness, they take us through practical steps to achieving self-awareness.  This workshop is special is because Frank and Martha extend self-awareness beyond Emotional Intelligence. They do this by having us look at our lives physically and mentally as well as emotionally.

The virtual information is the same for all of our classes  For Video Chat:
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