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Welcome to Unity Centre for Spiritual Living

1226 Naylor Lloyd Road, Girard, Ohio 44420    (330) 539-0122


Dear Friend,

From time to time we feel the need to rediscover our spiritual nature and at these times we may begin a search for the right community in which we will continue our spiritual journey. We are pleased that you found us today.

The purpose of Unity Centre for Spiritual Living is to discover, practice and teach the eternal, universal principles of truth and love taught by Jesus the Christ. We are here to transform the world through prayer, meditation and education.

We are a ministry that affirms the goodness of life, a church where all people are welcome and are nurtured and guided through the indwelling Spirit of God. This center is committed to the unfolding of the Christ-consciousness.

One way we fulfill our purpose is by inviting others to discover the presence and power that lives within them. Each must in his or her own way come to know the beauty that lies within them, and as such we could not force our faith and our way of thinking on any of God’s children. We but continue to practice and prove in our lives the spiritual laws that govern our universe, and we invite you to explore with us the operation of these laws in your life.

Be assured that we at Unity welcome you. If I can personally assist you on you spiritual path, please do not hesitate to call me. I look forward to meeting you.


Love & Blessings,

Rev. Richard A. Schumacher


PS- While you are here, check out Unity Worldwide Radio, our Monthly Newsletter, and What is Unity pages.


365 Days w/Charles Fillmore

We are all in mind related to a great creative Spirit that infuses its very life into our minds and bodies when we turn our attention to it. We have mentally wandered away from this creative Spirit or Father-Mind and lost contact with its life-giving currents. Jesus made connection for us, and through Him we again begin to draw vitality from the great fountainhead.

~Charles Fillmore

From: Jesus Christ Heals

Submitted by George D. Alliance, OH


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