If you have found your way to our Outreach program, you or someone you know is facing an earthly challenge of some kind.  Whatever it is, we would like to offer help through the booklets available on this site.  The Unity Outreach program is a partnership between Unity World Headquarters and Unity Worldwide Ministries to provide free spiritual support materials to people and organizations in need of affirmative prayer and spiritual nourishment. The booklets contain stories, poems, affirmation, guidance and truth that can be used to uplift consciousness as the individual moves through the situation that they are currently facing. It is our hope that the messages will bring the reader peace and comfort in the time of need. 

The "X" on toolbar under each booklet will let you expand them to read online AND the three "dots" let you download them to your personal device.  Also, the share button will enable them to be emailed or posted to social media.   The booklets can also be requested through our parent organization, Unity World Wide Ministries, at this link: Unity Outreach Service Program if a hard copy is desired, or you can visit our Centre for a Sunday morning service at 11:00 AM and we can make sure you get a copy. 

If you are associated with an organization where many people may benefit by having access to these booklets, please recommend our site or contact the Unity link above.  It is a blessing to us at Unity Spiritual Centre Girard to Serve you in this manner. Thanks for visiting and using our Outreach program. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to call us at (330) 539-0122.